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Some Memorabilia belonging to the club
Original club patch from 1983, same design still used today
Hundreds were made but we only have a few left.
If anybody has one they don't want, please get get in touch
1st Anniversary patch,
only two of these are known to remain
Original patch with the colours reversed,
unsure how many were made this way
Club sweatshirt made in 1983 for the Weston Rally
This is the only surviving one left
Catch 22, Andover Scooter Club, East Lothian Section
T Shirts were made and swapped between the two clubs
This is the only East Lothian one remaining
Original Glevum Stax SC "members only" T shirt
Swapped for an ELSC "members only" top
Club Helmet
Ticket for the Do we held at the Dunbar 84 rally