Whitby 2014
Blair Atholl 2014
Whitby National Rally 18th / 21st April
Berwick 2014
& we're off tae Whitby by the sea
1st National of 2014
1st casualty of the day
a whopping 7 miles into the trip
well apart fae the usual suspect
Nae mare mishaps
A wee fag break for some
and a wee cup o tea for others
A fine specimen of god knows what ???
getting set for the off and the last leg
ower the moors
Finally arrive & straight intae the hotel bar
Time tae hit the toon
Syndromes sprouted a tach, It'll never catch oan
Some efternin tea, before the tea dance
Happy Birthday Debs
Christ they're awe at it noo
Gay porn star & porn star (which is which???)
Less said the better
Jimmy, thankyouverymuch
No right in the heid
Shepster hard at work
keeping the troops entertained
A gid time had by all
Awe ower & done for another year
Awe ready tae hit the road north
bring oan the next rally
where we're daft enough tae dae it awe ower again
Thunderbirds are go
Ching Ching, Cheerio
The reason for the damage ????
wee larry
the lamb !!!!!