Darlington 2013
Highland Tour 2013
Darlington SC Rally 3d / 4th August
Coyotes 2013
  The troops usual mustering meant that the advance party of Granty set of the back of 7 on Saturday morning with the plan of meeting Boaby, Sheppy, Scotty & Jamey either at Jedhart or the wee town of Corebridge. The advance party of Granty was overtaken enroute by the advance party of the advance party just south of Earlston so at the last count e had 5 travelling down to what the author thinks is one of the best rallies of the calendar.  
  With Stu on a SAS mission of in & out he charged he took the lead when he and Grantee crossed fuel pumps at Jed, Grantee though on the slow road was now looking forward to his coffee & scone in Core bridge to wait on the heroes. Trip was uneventful to Core bridge and after a wee chat with the Bikers, the Locals, the lassie in the posh coffee shop that when I asked for a coffee she must have thought I said “Please can I take a dump in your front room” I settled down to wait on the not so advanced party. It wasn’t long before Sheppey, Wee Baby and Woody trundled round the corner – whit no Scotty, Baby, Jamie ---- anyways long story that involved a van, lost tent & borrowed buggy!! off we toddle again and at the back of midday we roll into Bowlam. There was a potential skirmish with an absolute fud of a van driver that pulled out in front of 7 scooters with feet to spare!! Tents up, scoots parked (abandoned for the weekend), it was an East Lothian wash of toothpaste round the gub and a splash of poof juice.  
  We were all reunited and with the kitty rammed in Granty’s left hand front pocket we were off on one, Shep had a cheese and wine party to go to which was more like a wine & wine. Stu, Granty, Boaby, wee Boaby, Jamie, Scotty and Jamie then precede to spend the afternoon lovin the scene – it was soon time for the doo and to be honest the author was not too sober come the time of the doo. That said on a sliding scale Granty took a poor 3rd place behind Jamie who hosed in the wrong end of his tent, Big Boaby who had to leave the sheds before breaky just in case he had to boak and of course the gold medal podium finish of our man Scotty, last saying to the troops “Right – lets bury this wee clown, gets the bevies in” – well 2 hrs later the “wee clown” had purchased an eye liner and with 1 false mouser & a couple of lovely eyebrows later Scotty then awoke to stumble oot the door but no before he pebble dashed the foyer of the hotel! Anyways it doesn’t make you a bad person so we all got up, shit together and headed for the scoots. The 4some of Grant, Jamie & the Wee & Big Boaby’s headed for the door and with a promise from puppa Boab of a slap up breaky back in Corebridge we kick started the steads, said goodbye & thanks & opened the throttles. A great ride home in great weather with no breakdowns was a very welcomed change and I hit the couch at the back of 2. Shep and Jamie were not far behind but just needed a wee while longer to freshen up in the morning.  


  Thanks to DSC for the event, the no cars, no vans, no kids, scooter rider only policy works for this event I think, it’s not commercial, no a pork pie hat in sight and has a very friendly vibe – definitely on the agenda for next year. I love my scooter again!!