Berwick 2014
Whitby 2014
Berwick Bulldogs SC, Border Bash, 9th / 11th May
Kelso 2014
At the Berwick scooter rally and not a scooter in sight (how unusual).
Somethings are better left unsaid but something has to be said about this club. There was either something in the water (though I doubt any was being drunk) or there was summit queer in the air and when I say queer I mean queeeeeer
Awebodys happy and gay waiting oan the bus
to take us doon the toon
Just having a sociable drink wae likeminded mates
Things are starting tae get touchy feely
Things are aboot tae get weird
Margaret wins 1st prize for best wig, Debs comes 2nd
Queer, defo queer
Its no right i tell yees
Noo this is jist two mates bonding
This however.............. is just gay
Jeez, Goldenee is getting in oan the act & he's no even trying
Noo this jist isnae right
we need tae get a grip
and some queer jigging
More wee cuddles
I wonder what awebody will be wearing at Kelso?????