Highland Scoot 2013
Blair Atholl 2013
"Highland Scoot" organised by Vespa Club of Scotland, 4th May
Berwick 2013
With the weekend appraoching the ELSC crew swelled to 7 with Granty & Bob heading up the slow road on Friday, Scotty, Niffy and Shep on Scoots from the Gold Coast with Paul and Jimmy doing the van up, scoot oot, scoot in and van down option.

Granty and Boaby braved the rush hour and the rain, doddled up through Lithgy, Falkirk etc and set up camp at the youth hostel just down from the Castle, had a blast in the best shower in Stirling and out to the meet & greet, done the rounds there, rasied a few eyebrows and offered a few huyah@s to the faithfull and headed off down the town to the "Kilted Kangaroo". After a good round number of 6 pots a piece it was keebab and up the road. Boaby won the "get to sleep" compy with a stunning disply of heed on pilly aaaaaaaaaaaaaand sleep!

  Up early with the weather a bit friendlier the 2 x scouts headed down to the start -- great to see all the scooters & scooterists all in the same boat, Shep and Niffy arrived, Jimmy already to go Paulo's van arrived wi his and Scottys bike (1st breakdown of the day) with a pinhole on his pipe!!!!!!

9am arrived, the piper started up, 130+ scooters started up and we all thought the same ---- am i gona get lost, am i gonna get round, am i going to faw off, is ma number badge as squint at that clowns over there?

Jimmy got lost, then i got lost, then we all got lost and that was in the first 10 mins then we got into a bit of a rhythm, a slow rhythm but a rhythm all the same with wee groups deleoping at thier own speed.

We stopped to rescue a fellow Lambretta, we slowed down to look at a Rally on its side and caught up with the main peleton at the Killin turn off & pit stop.

Adjectives canny describe the driving and the views, we drove through sun, fog, rain, snaw, wind with eyes streaming but it was all worth it. By the time we got back to Stirling in our wee travelling gangs it was fair to say we'd deserved our medals -- a real achievement.

  Me and Boaby back to the digs, Jimmy back doon the road and Shep and Scotty away for a cuppa tea we all recovered before the nightime bevies. A very civilised shopping trip with drinks was follwed by a dinner with drinks was followed by a story with drinks follwed by a 2 piece band wi drinks, we were told to shhhhhhh wi drinks, had a buffet wi drinks, we scoffed Sheps buffet wi drinks, we got a free taxi wi drinks, asked the Police for a boozer more akin to our age demographic, had more drinks, nearly got flung oot for no huvin drinks, then got charged for drinks we didnae have and then up the road. Apparently me and Boaby won the "get to sleep compy" wi Sterio snoring everborating through the youthy!!

As usual Sunday saw Capt Sheppy up & at em for breaky and Granty no even close to getting out his cot but we all left at the same time to go our own way. Scotty up North, Shep and Boab the fast route home and Granty on the slow route home. All made it!!

This is a MUST in the future, a real scooterists event, every dude in the same boat and as i heard loads of time "No a pretender in sight!" -- Hope that tells the tale. Salou to all who took part and achieved!


Look whos back!!!!!, thats awe sense o sensible sensibility
oot the windae noo
I take it wee Bob's taken tae sleeping in a greenhoose
in a grow bag ???????
Oi Bob............. ya wee cheating shoite