4 Nations Rally 2010
Sunderland 2010
Lambretta 4 Nations Rally hosted by the Lambretta Club of Scotland
4 Nations (2) 2010
Rob Roy Hotel, Aberfoyle. 23 / 25th July
A tour o East Lothian for the Belgiques afore we leave
Jist leaving Tranent, 1pm
Honestly we are there,....... jist look closer
Told Yeeeee
A wee stop-off at South Queensferry
Finally arriving at Aberfoyle @ 5pm,,,,,Dinnae ask
Straight tae the bar
Oan the Ride-Oot
By yon Bonnie Banks
Pervert No 1
Pervert No 2
Number 3
and 4
Some scoots in attendance
Courtesy of Jimmy ?????????