Up North 2012
Berwick 2012
The " Inner Cicles" trip up north 25th - 27th May
Kelso 2012

We left Scotts hoose aboot 11am fri got to Clachaig @ 5ish strait in fir a wee swally, got crakin tae Paul Heaton & he said he used to have a SX200 tents up at the Rid Squirrel we all had a Glesgi wesh & headed back to the Clachaig fir another we swally & listen ti the man belt oot some tunes,, & no bad he was tae... headed up the road tae Fort Billy-Speanbridge-Invergarry-Eilean Donnan (castle fotae)-Stromeferry-Strathcarron-Lochcarron-Kishorn & then big mamma PASS O THE CATTLE not for the faint harted up n ower tae Applecross straight tae the pub (only pub) wee swally & clams fir lunch... tents up another Glesgi wesh oh & another we swally all in all a top weekend..... fir me one of the best oan a scooter ..
The weather playing a big part in this....the vistas jist got beta & beta... u gadgies shudnae hod it against the redcoats wantin tae chore Scotland,,, its fekin awsome (apart frae the midges)


Mine done 650 miles last week without complaint, doesnt vibrate that much either although out the 3 it was the pants at climbing the pass, had to jump off and run with in 1st, when that failed clutch in throttle back and it shot up that hill...then ran oot on the descent ...naughty list, Boabs rally tumbled on an uneven surface, i snapped a clutch cable, Jamies gear cable snapped we think...which seen him in the passenger seat of shame from Callender...it,ll be a while before i forget the scenery whilst free wheelin down the pass...crackin weekend.


Aye amazing weekend, never had weather like that afore, actually wiz too hot when we stopped wi aw the gear oan. Scenery wiz jaw dropping and the heeland grub and beer wiz no too bad anaw. GS is 50 this year, never missed a beat, well eftir a plug change (cheers Scott) and a gear cable snapping in Callander, the only tool a hud wis a quick drying tool (or Towel for our Berwick Brethren), and wisnae up for the joab !!! so a relay hame wis called for.
Av booked the weather so will need to plan next years outing folks, maybe Tobermory ? suggestions on a postcaird please