Egg Run 2012
Cold War 2012
To the Royal Blind School organised by the Edinburgh SC, March 28th
Whitby 2012
It was that time of the year again and a bit unreal that a year had already passed since our last wee jaunt to the Blind School, oh how time fly's when
you're having fun. The last few years has seen some miserable weather for this but the big man upstairs had pulled out the stops and provided a mini heatwave with glorious sunshine this time around. Yeah you read that correctly............................................ glorious sunshine in Scotland in March
  With a 6 o'clock leaving time from the Big T garage and another at 6.10 from
the Granada Services everybody decided to head straight for the Granada but forgot to inform Granty who turned up at the Big T to find nobody there, so he scooted up the bypass on his jack jones without checking in at the Granada (he's no right in the heed that laddie).
I was running late as usual and was about to miss out the Granada thinking everybody would have left but pulled in just incase and thankfully I did as the crew were sitting waiting with their scoots started ready for the off, well that was everybody apart from Scott who's scoot didn't want to play and wouldn't start. A push across the carpark by ChrisB while everybody else sat on their scoots watching failed to get it started so it was off with the panel and after a few plug changes and 2 dozen kicks it still wouldn't play so it was another push by ChrisB while once again everybody else sat and watched (we're a right helpful bunch) and this time she sparked into life in a cloud of smoke that would put the power station chimneys to shame and we were off and running heading for the meeting/leaving point at Dreghorn Services.
I'm unsure if it was the weather or the fact it was the first time in a while that we were driving in a group but everybody seemed to be up for a wee race and in no time at all we were arriving at Dreghorn to be met with the biggest turnout there's been for the Egg Run. Somebody had counted over 70 scoots before they gave up so the weather had definitely played its part. As we were the last to arrive it was a quick fag and a look at Norry's newly painted GP before we were off down the ByPass to the Blind School ably assisted by the nutter on the motorbike, Zander and King Cobra himself Mark D'urso (I've no idea how that thing doesn't blow up the way he drives it) stopping all traffic at every roundabout/junction/traffic lights we encountered, no mean feat. The lights at Cameron Toll were the only ones to defeat them but this gave everybody a chance to regroup before the final straight into the school.
Anybody that's never been on this Egg Run might be a tad surprised at the amount of folk that park up their scoots and hastily walk away as far as possible from it.
With the kids being blind everything is touchy feely and they like nothing better then getting on a scoot and listening to the engine running but no ticking over for these dudes, oh no, they have to be revving the arse out of them. It's highly amusing to see the extremely worried looks from the brave souls that allow the kids a shot on their scoots. One poor guy shat himself when one kid proving that his engine could reach limits that neither him or Piaggio ever thought possible, a strange horrible whirring grinding noise emitted from under the panel. He quickly cut the engine and was relieved to find out that it was only the panel that had slipped off pushing the cowling into the flywheel, a quick prising with a screwdriver and all was sorted.
The fun over, it was time to go inside and hand over the easter eggs. A few speeches and with Zander receiving a card on everybody's behalf made by the kids, it was time to head home.

A few folk headed down into the Grassmarket to join Edinburgh SC at their weekly meeting place while the unsociable among us headed home.
The sun had now gone to bed and the moon had come out to play. This is when you don't want to find out (and Granty DID) that you don't have any lights, Sandwiched between Stu & Christy he managed to get home unscathed ,I did warn you the laddie wisnae right in the heed. The same couldn't be said for Scott however, his scoot stopped playing in the middle of Niddry of all places. While he waited on poor Nicky to arrive with a new plug he had to endure the banter from a group of local urchins, he got out alive to tell the tale so it ended well.
All in all, a gid wee jaunt for a worthy cause, see you's all there again next year. Ching