Eclipse Open Day 2012
Whitby 2012
Organised by Edinburgh Blues SC for Erskine Hospital 18th April
Taynuilt 2012
This is a real strange one for us with it being held in our own backyard.
Tranent was the epicenter of the early 80's MOD movement in East Lothian and it was only natural that it carried that mantle for the Scooterboy movement that followed. The club has always looked to Tranent as its home and even though we only have two members who actually live there (and only one of them is an actual belter) the meeting/leaving point for us is always the Big T store garage. Even when we held the open days at Vivo the whole of two and odd miles away in Musselburgh we left en group from the store garage just to give ourselves some sort of self achievement but when that event was sneakily hijacked that went with it, That might be a reason why we always have a bigger turnout for the blind school run, as a hundred yard trip down Tranent High Street maybe doesn't float everybody's boat. So with that in mind we tried something different.
We decided upon becoming "cappuccino kids" for the day and met up at the newly opened "Costa Coffee" in Musselburgh.
When i arrived at my usual lateness I was surprised by the turnout and thought maybe more than the Espresso was leaving a bitter taste but considering that we had members up north, through the west and even down south at a wedding (who the hell gets hitched oan a Sunday?) it was a near full turnout from what remained in the garden county and i wasn't the latest of late comers. With cappuccino in hand we sat outside and immediately realised what a marketing mistake it was opening a north facing coffee shop in Scotland. This aint Florida where the air will scald you, Musselburgh/April/Shade = bloody freezing. Could be a wee suntrap on a balmy summers evening mind, we might even pay another visit and let you's know. So sitting cuddling our hot beverages we watched the world go by and discussed how to put the said world to rights and Jamie Watts drinking habits, while jealously staring at the other side of the street basked in glorious sunshine. If one thing became perfectly clear it was the amount of people who walk about with cameras in their pockets thanks to nearly everybody having a camera phone on their person. Nearly everybody that passed the scoots, stopped, rummaged in their pocket, took one step back, focused the phone and snapped (Niffy look out), think we should start charging but good to see the interest in the scoots. We had planned to leave at noon but had got word through faceboak that Dalkieth might pop by en route so we hung about for another twenty minutes but as there was no show and the shade was getting on everybody's tits we headed out into the sunshine for our wee jaunt in reverse back home.
When we arrived at Eclipse it was to find our backyard chockers with over one hundred scoots putting in an appearance. I'm sure somebody counted them and said that there was between 120 and 130 from all parts of the central belt, a pat on the back to all. There was also a few stalls selling various items, Paul and Vicky from Scottish Scooterscene Mag, Gillie manning the LCS stall and somebody else selling I've no idea what as I honestly never even looked, oops sorry. Discounts were to be had in Eclipse itself but as us local Cappuccino Kids already know, there's discounts to be had all the time in Eclipse, you just have to catch Gordon in a good mood which is damn near all the time, just say your a ELSC member, (Doh now everybody will be doing it), A collection was taken by the Blues for the main reason we had gathered and that was to support the Erskine Hospital for ex service personnel in Edinburgh. A near £500 was collected so another deserved pat on the back to all.
At 2 o'clock the shout went up that we were for the off to create mayhem on the roads and ride in one helluva convoy up to Erskine. To travel up through Musselburgh/Niddrie/Edinburgh and converging on every roundabout/junction/and every set of traffic lights that that entails and still keeping the convoy intact was one huge job and cap doffed to the outriders who somehow managed the near impossible task all without any incident although I did hear there was a few scary moments with some heavy braking but get there we did.
The donation was greatly received by the Hospital and the Blues had organised a couple of trophy's to dish out. First up was for furthest travelled, going to the East End SC from Glasgow whom I think beat the Berwick gadgies by the length of Edinburgh. I've been told and not sure if its true but seemingly the East End guys had a breakdown on the road through and by the time they arrived at Eclipse everybody had already left, good on you guys. The best turned out club deservedly went to the Coyotes though I'm not entirely sure how that was as I defo saw at least ten of them leaving the convoy at Craigpark and heading for McDonalds while the rest pulled up at the burger van at Kinnaird Park, Baldy told me that the only reason they had turned up was because they had heard there was free pies on the go. Ahhh the Coyotes and their grub, ye cannae keep them apart (wee winking smiley). Last but not least, best scoot on display, judged by one of the Hospitals patrons went to our very own ChrisB's GP "he who picks the rose" or as I call it, "the Fred West scoot", well done ma man, we even got a rare smile from him. All in all a good day out and well organised again by the Blues and it was time for the wee journey home. Now I'm amazed how we had just travelled up the same road with another hundred scooters and everybody got there at the same time, yet on the return journey we all managed to split up, by the time we got to the Pans there was only me and Brads, amazing. What else is amazing is the amount of shoite I have licence to print here, so I'll sign off......
Ohh I have to finish with one of the funniest things I saw that day, rounding the Power Station corner, staggering towards us was a guy in his early twenties, half on the pavement, half on the road, Hearts top on, langered oot his skull, bottle o beer in his left hand swinging above his nut, waving tae awe the cars wae his right hand, singing his heed off, sees the scoot, stops, two thumbs up and screams like a banshee Yeeeeeeeeeeeees at me and Lee as we pass him, funny as feck.............suppose yi had tae be there................and yis wurnae.................tuff........Ching
The Cappuccino Kids