Duns 2012
East Fortune 2012
A wee club jaunt doon tae Duns 7th October
Brid 2012

Just like the dambusters there were 7 counted out & 7 counted back on the wee road trip to Duns.
Shep & Jimmy on thier Rally’s, Christy & me on our Specials, Chrisb & Scott on the Lammy’s & Dean on the P2.
We were waved off by Stevie, still recovering from his injured arm – 2 weeks in Lanzarote putting the towels on the sunbeds will sort that though.
The sun was splitting the sky and we set off just before deciding
1. We were going to Duns
2. How do we get to Duns
3. We’ll go through Gifford
4. OK --- Eh how do we get to Gifford!
Anyways – a stop at the highest point gave us a chance to survey our kingdom – what a braw place East Lothian is from about 30 miles away. Next stop the Whiteadder Reservoir, a young lassie getting some lovely me time with a wee packed lunch only to have Scott eyeball her & ask her what was on her piece!
Next stop Duns & a wee boozer for a shandy and some bait. Quick catch up & some discussions about everything.
Time for jumping back on the scoots & heading back to the Gold Coast – great wee run and catch up.
Granty (the yin no rite in the heid)