Bridlington 2012
Duns 2012
Liege 2013

In usual ELSC style the 7am leave meant me getting picked up the bottom of the hill at 7.40am, Shep, Chrisb and Stuart (Beastie) did the usual drive by & Scott took the chance for one of his extra a fuel stops to feed his beastie, there was one other member who followed us all the way doon (we’ll get to that later).
Picking Rowbert up north of Wooler the squad were on the move. Next pick up was Ralph at Easington but before that we were joined by the 7th member of this intrepid group --- a big angry, grumpy grey cloud who we’ll call Nige. Nige dumped on us all the way down with rain, sleet, snow the lot --- and no matter how hard we tried we just couldn't’t get away from it. The leisurely paced pit stops didnae help & where we did get blue sky’s it was soon dark again. We managed to get 15 mile short of Whitby before the 1st and only breakdoon – Rowbert ground to a halt and with Scott out front and me 2nd in line we missed to full inspection of the bike, carbs were oot and in, jets were oot and in, pettles were oot and in, mare stuff was oot and in but after a consultation with the best Lambretta minds in the North East (well Ralph) it was agreed with much head nodding & concurring that Rowbert had “Shite on his Plug” --- this is of course a step further than having “Shite in Your Pants” or “Shite in a Filed” so a major step forward.
Back on the road again with the usual trip around Whitby, the outskirts of Scabby & that last leg of the trip that’s just takes forever – you could just see Brid through the cloud and with a marathon 8+ hrs road trip coming to an end I bet we were all thinking the same – “thank feck for that, we made it” . We arrived in Brid freezing, wet and tired but it wisnae long before a few minor miracles were performed in the respective digs showers and we were ready for the nighttime. With the girls now in tow it was boozer time – Itinerary as pre described by Shep it roughly went Greyhoond (3 pints), Witherspoons (3 pints), -- Chrisb now Steaming!! Busybees ---- no Busybees was shut, no it was open, no it was open but it was shut, it was open if there was 4 of you but it was shut because there was more than 4 – eehhhhhhhh, anyway's the “Chippy Tea” was had elsewhere! Before we got to the Next stop we could have had a snow ball fight but decided against it. Harbour Lights then The Windsor --- but guess what --- Nae Doo – we just sat in the boozer and got a little tipsy, Friday night was eventually called wi Shep, me & Stuart (I stay in Gullane but I’m fae Penicuik) stotting up the road buckled after a wee lock in with Boberto and members of the LCGB (Sheps new club). We were witnesses to a couple of skirmishes going up the road wi the young team getting frisky but arrived back at the digs with kebabs – I was to see mine again about 5 times the next day but that’s another story!

Saturday morning brought no chance of me making breaky but Shep made a gallant effort only to reappear back in the room feeling like he’d let himself doon by no making the 8.45am cut off time, I tried to console him but naw – he left still in the huff to head down to the Custom Show – I headed down later to park up the scoot & show the ELSC Colours & seen Scot’s S1 down there too. Anyway's all parties managed to get our respective erses in gear and the bevie was once more on like Donkey Kong! Granty was the 1st to bail oot at 9pm with others after that (obviously with the author the 1st to poof oot I could'nt possibly comment on the bevying skills of others at this time but with comparing notes and evidence it was fair to say all played an important part in flying the ELCS Flag
Sunday appeared all too soon – everyone in reasonable shape so a 9.30am bolt was on the cards – a better run up the road seen a 4.15pm erse doon for the scribe so I guess everyone was around that. Beastie did well on his 1st long trip on his Curry Burner, Scotts had the cheapest rally season for donkeys, Granty hasn’t had the cheapest rally season, Chrisb get it real tight, well Beastie got it tight tae to be honest & we all arrived back with the sense of achievement only a good rally journey can bring you. Ma bike got horsed up the close, bag off it & flicked the bird. That’s the traditional end of season rally for us – will we ever learn, nae chance rooms booked again for next year! Thanks for the giggles boys & girls, we flew the flag well!
Granty (the no rite in the heid variety)