4 Nations Rally 2011
Ireland 2011
Lambretta 4 Nations Rally hosted by the Lambretta Club of Great Britain
Jedburgh 2011
St Bees, Cumbria, 8th / 10th July
Jeez you could dae some real damage wi that, put it away
A right motley crew
Wid have tae be in a pub right enough
The ELSC representing The LCS in Engerland
Feck me, a four stane dug !!!!!!!!
There IS some pussy in there if yi look close enough
Right I'm off oan the ride oot
A wee jaunt in the country
Telt me we're gan up a big hill
They no ken I'm fae Scoatland
Ehh well maybe no this big likes
I go up and doon hills every day
Christ wit is this,...........the pepsi max ?????
Help ma boab !!!!!!
See thats yir clutch lever there
Hink I'm stupid, a ken thats it but its bloody burnt oot
Heep o Italian crap
Yi can sit there awe day for me
I'm p'd off, if that burn wis deep enough I'd droon masell
Awe come oan son, come an get some loving
Cmon hurry up , whit yi daen
Ach yir too late, I've jist had shona & her sister
I'm telling yi Ralph, I'm gonna be a fermer, best sex ever
Christ i wish I'd brought the car
The result o trying tae climb mountains
Yill no be telt will yee
Dinnae worry Gwen
Yill be getting yir ane in a couple o years
Finally. some orgasmic material for Monique !!!!