Dunbar 2010
Spain 2010
Oor Rally, "The Return to Dunbar" 25 years on, 25 / 27th June 2010
Sunderland 2010
Friday 7am & eerily quiet
Friday 7pm & aboot packed oot
Noo heres a foto you dinnae see often
Big Fat Panda Onstage
Jist dinnae ask
Theres a comment in there, but I dinnae fancy a skelp
A weell skelped face
A packed oot campsite in glorious sunshine
Two cool looking dudes, working their nuts off
The ciders starting to kick in
Away oan the ride oot
The Piper welcomes the ride oot at Direlton Castle
Pity naebody thought o taking a foti o the Castle !!!!!
A Wee Dram
& a plate o Stovies for the punters
Yi had to feel sorry for the wedding party, having to wait
until this mob moved, to get their fotis taken at the castle
Them damn taches.................they jist get everywhere
No idea where she came fae, but she's defo welcome back
The Chalmers, Bob yi look better wi the helmet oan
Coyotes, that'll be the catering gadgie happy
I'm saying owt
Yi ken where yi can stick that !!!!!
Enjoying the "wobbly leg" apple juice
Proverbs 4:18
& again
Too much o that apple juice
Leads to this
And fir Christ sake leave him be and give us awe some peace
He's obviously heard that he's waken again
  The Custom Show      
Well thats it awe ower & we're offski
Hope yis awe enjoyed yirsells
Hope awe oor work was worth it
See yis awe next year if we haud it again
If we did, wid yis come back ????
It's a big if mind
No, an even bigger yin than that,
That's better...............Cya
Not one foti o us fae inside a pub, stuff this organising caper