Berwick upon Tweed 2010
Highland Scoot 2010
Berwick Bulldogs SC Rally, 7 / 8th May
Kelso 2010
We're on oor way
Well 2 oot o the fourteen scoots we took doon
Didnae take long to hit the bar !!!!!
Nige & Lee in the Thatch
Dodgy looking geezer in the background
A fine body o men HaHaHa
Ralph (Bogeymen SC) & Shep
Lee feeling three feet tall
Stevie's new Tat,...... freshly Tatted by Lee
Back up at the campsite
Fotis fae inside the marquee wi various reprobates
Young Skin & his girl
Auld Skin & his merry men
      Neill's corker o a keeker, wi Lee throwing up in the background