Zanzibar 2009
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Jamie's trip to Zanzibar
East Fortune 09
After climbing a wee hill called Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, I decided to go down to Zanzibar, an island just of the east coast of Tanzania for some well deserved R+R, bathe the wounds in the Indian ocean, get some sun and drink as much bevvy as possible.

I summited Kili on the 16th September at about 6:30 am after climbing through the night from 11pm. The night was clear which meant we could easily navigate using the stars and moonlight but the downside was with no cloud cover the temperatures dipped to about minus 20. Altitude sickness symptoms were kicking in big time at about 18,000ft and I arrived at the summit with frozen spew on my jacket and trousers as well as the worst headache ever so a quick decent was needed before pulmonary or cerebal oedema kicked in. It took us 5 days to walk in and summit and only 1 and half days comin down, half a day quicker than expected which the guides were well impressed, the thought of a cold Kilimanjaro beer was enough to spurn the team on I think. Thanks for all your donations and we managed to raise just over 8700 pounds for the Aplastic Anaemia Society so well done to all.
After a couple of days safari I flew across to Zanzibar to chillax and was well impressed to see a rake of scooters parked right outside the airport
( which is about the same size and probably less equipped than East Fortune). Quick photo and checked them out, most were LML stars with a few PX150’s going about. I asked the taxi driver about them and he said he could hire one for me for a few days, result. So, we’re on the north east coast, about 1 and a half hours from the airport and main Zanzibar town called the stone town at a resort called Matemwe beach. The next day the guy arrives with a battered old star deluxe despite me asking for a piaggio vespa px countless times. Anyway, had a quick scoot around the local roads or tracks for want of a better description, and found that it drove awright, AND I never got lost haha. (Nobody believes that)
It was late in the afternoon so decided to park up and set off the next morning around the island. We headed out for Stone Town but wanted to take in the coast which is quite a beautiful route along palm tree lined tracks, very tropical feel about the place with glimpses of the Indian ocean which was a gorgeous turquoise blue all the way, just as it says on the tin and just like it looks like in the brochure.
Local Cafe
Stone town
After about 2 and half hours we got to Stone Town which is a really old colonial type settlement with nice old rustic architecture bustling with locals, traders, fishermen, cafes and all that jazz, scooters everywhere but again mostly LML with a few PX’s and the odd cosa. Went to see where Freddie Mercury lived but took ages to find it, marked on the map but unfortunately there were no big flashing neon signs or illuminated moustaches to say “Freddie Wiz Ere” so took a guess and a snaps attached somewhere.
After quite a nice day soaking up the sun, scooter and people watchin from the local cafes I headed out back up the west coast to try and get back before dark. On route I got waved into the side of the road at a police block and parked up. My Dubai license is not regarded as an international license which they took half an hour to tell me then began to read me my rights, offence against the state law or some crap which I thought was a joke until they started trying to phone for a court appointment before I left the country in 2 days, schizen. I phoned the guy who hired the scoot who appeared quite quickly and started spraffing off something in Swahili. He asked if I had any cash and I produced 2 x 10 dalla bills, 1 for the sergeant and 1 for the commanders back pocket, nice to meet you, see ya later, kicked up the LML and offski with a full pair o kecks. Bribery and corruption prevails yet again. Made good time going back and managed to get in sight of the hotel just as the sun was setting behind me.
Toured the top half of the island the next morning, avoided another police block and seen much of the same tropical sights. All in all a great trip but take an international license with you if your travelling outwith the western world. See ya all soon. Jamie.
Vespa on the Beach (could be a song in there)
Dishdasha !!!!!!
Beach Chillaxed
CE Approved
Dodgy tropical wet roads
Even dodgier sandy roads
Shadow 1
Shadow 2
Shadow 3
Zanzibar airport
The local store garage