Liege 2009
Skababs 09
LCS, Do 09
Liege Scooter Tribes, 18th Beer Extravaganza @ Palais De Concrès, 18th February
Mork & Mindy, sorry Mandy & Mark
Al & Lorna
Cha & Debbie, Coyotes SC
Ramey & Wilkie
Lynn & Ramey
Cha, Darren & Debbie
?, Shep, Lynn & Jules
A backflip at your age Lynn...... should ken better
and you end up like this !!!!!!
A few of these !!!!!!
The Custom Show ?????????????????
Asbo & Lorna
Ramey, Jules, Paul, Wilkie, Shep
Margaret, Jules, Lynn
Shep stop laughing.............. at Megin's hat
Paul, Lynn & Shep
What Cha looked like at.... Fourteen !!!
Shep buys a jacket oot the junk shop
Mark gets a pair o shades
Asbo gets a full outfit