Lambretta club of Scotland
Pre Season Do, 2009

Liege 09
28th February, Westland Hotel, Dunblane,
Easter Runs 09
Skin, Rocky, Mick, Skip & Taitey, Berwick Bulldog SC
Stu, Mick, Bob, Shep & Taitey
Big Boosoms Buddies
Sheps just been playing wi Christys Boosoms
Sam, Stu, Margaret & the ever shy Monique
Hey !! She's geeing me the fingers
Sorry Jen, yir not even allowed ti eat bogies in this club
Paul having a wee keek
How come i canny have a wig like that?????
Ah well.........suppose i'll just have to be happy wi this yin
Margaret doing what all good ELSC members do on a Sunday ???
choring the Church wine !!!!!