Taynuilt 2009
Scarborough 09
Lambretta club of Scotland AGM, Brander Lodge, Taynuilt,. 25th April
Carlingford 09
Men with their helmets oan
and helmets oot
Mark wi his helmet oan and in, Mandy jist wi her's oan
The reason we've stopped
The Green Wellie Stop at Tyndrum
Brander Lodge, Taynuilt
A full bevy o Italy's finest beauties
Bella, Bella
Looks like the bar's opening !!!!
Time to get doon to business
Nige, eat summit and join the Coyotes
Ehhhhh what do you guys think ????
Mmmmmmmm one crisp and I'm a Coyote
Wait I'm no ready for a Yelli vest just yet
Nooooo, I've no ate onything yet
Nah, I'm no doing it, I'd miss my chums too much
Does eating Mandy coont ??????
Nige I'm shober and I promish ti organishe awe the ralliesh
Ramey wi his radiator & Mandy
The barman in happier times
Enjoying, what was to be his last night
Another nutter behind the bar
Niffy drops awe the straws
Sorry Mandy but yi quite suit that !!!!!1
A right pair o doughballs
Did that hurt, HaHaHaHaha
Jeez it's Clarke Gable
The Grim Reaper
or Wee Bob to the rest of you's
Mmmmmm lovely day for the drive home.....not
Only in bleeding Scotland
Jings !!! Hope the guy never found oot aboot they straws