Ashington 2009
Stirling 09
Bear Pigs SC Rally, Ashington, 28 / 31st August
Ashington 09 (2)
Just aboot set and ready to leave
First stop, Sunny Dunny to pick up the Niffster
Just arrived and the drinks oot already
Oi, where the heck did Lee get that
Davy & Sam Woods, Berwick Bulldogs
Mmmm Scooters
and again, what are they awe aboot
Hey this halls too big, can we no find summit a wee bit cosier
This tent wis only built for two
You wanna bet
They're no awe gonna try and fit in here.....are they
Looks like it
Look, theres a space for yin
The foti yiv awe beeen waiting oan
Eye Eye, suppose yi had to be there........classic
Dig up Roy Castle
Were going for a world record
17 men in a two man tent
Might no be a world record but wis fecking hysterical
Scottie joins the pairty
How did yis awe fit in here ?????
I reckon Niffy's tents a bleeding tardis
Can I be Dr Who then
Who the hell's Sheriff Buford T. Justice Junior
Dinnae ask me, I'm only the photographer
Tongue time
Eye Eye..............whats awe this aboot tongues
Lee wins the loudest trainer competition
I'm gonna do one
Nope, I'm gonna try and haud it in
Oops, think I've dropped one
Right time ti get oot o here and go to the Do