Edinburgh Blues 2009
East Fortune 09
Edinburgh Blues Scooter Club, 30th Anniversary Do, 10th October
Brid 09
Grant & Mark, Glevum Stax SC, ootside Shep's hoose
going for a daunder aroond the toon
Steady........... steady noo
Mark doing his Coyotes initiation degree
Gus welcomes him into the fold
Please sit here to be fellated (by a man wi a bow on his heid)
Seems to be a bit of a queue forming
Grant, the worse for wear, early doors
Hey !!! Have yi seen the state o that guy fae Gloucester ???
There he's ower there,....... look at the state o him
Why yis awe looking at me ? I can stand oan my ane two feet
He's struggling noo !!!!!
Bundy, would rather look at the menu
Nicky & Scott only have eyes for each other !!!!!!
Super Sonic waving fae Rob
Mark hauding up Margaret, she's just aboot gone
Ross, the No'1 Mod in town
Everyone's been fallated
Oh dear........................she's gone
Hey Kev, heard you're the guy for buying drink around here