Ballycastle (2) 2009
Ballycastle 09
Four Nations Rally continued, thanks to Lavina
Zanzibar 09
Jeezo Monique, what the hell's in the bag
Oh, it's just yir make-up and Stu's comb
Oi Niffy !! How come you dinnae get fotis like this ????
All Aboard the Night Train........well no exactly
What dae yi meen, my comb.......wheres my brush
Well he's no got it
Thats no how you were treating Rosie
Wendy, your taking this "blending in wi the locals" too far
Whats wrong
Yis cannae be lost
It's a straight road
Back on track
What a cheepskate, you've had that wristband since Aberfoyle
         still doon there ???
Sure I can see a Rally tarted up as a GS lying doon there
Something ropey aboot this pic and it's no the bridge