Aberfoyle 2009
Ashington (2) 09
Lambretta Club of Scotland, 10th Anniversary Rally 11 / 13th September
Aberfoyle (2) 09
Thanks to Lavina for the pics
Oor Nicky, a Rally virgin, she's jist been broken in and had her first ride and fair enjoyed it..........so she told us
Nae wonder she's smiling
Mrs NCP, a right grump
Should try living wi her !!!!!
The ride-oot returns
Wee Bob on his new GP
Onybody got the time
Oh it's a wristband yir efter.........dinnae have one
Abandoned and unloved
Look I'm Mrs NCP and you'll go where I tell yi to park
Oi, Oi, yi canny fecking park there
You tell them Rose
Woody and Taity arrive
I don't care how far yiv came......get they mopeds shifted
A smart Weller themed Vespa
Nickys ride
Somebody's been looking at the BeerPigs fotis
Queen G arrives
Dinnae try and hide.....if you dinnae move, yir getting clamped
Either that suns blinding or I dinnae like getting my foti taken
Is that one o they new Frank Sanderson Lambretta's ??
Right Alleana, stop talking to the guys shorts
Deffo not a pair o Rally virgins
All together now.......Awwwwwwwwwe
Hey Kev............gonna buy me a drink ???
Oh aye.......Nae bother....I'm yir man if yi want a drink...not
I take it Kev bought you that pint
Think I can smell shite
Think I've just done one
Snap !!!!
Hope this disnnae make me Miss NCP