Tranent Triple A's Scooter Club
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Various fotis from the time o the Triple A's
We are the Mods
Aviemore 1982
Bob in his Berwick Wasps SC days
Dougie Gray, ?, ?, Hoody
Jeez look at the tents, lol
Hoody on the left
Christ heres the site owner wae an axe
Time tae hit the road
Safe at last
Skin & Danny Dickson
Noo theres rockers tae contend wae
Time tae hit the road again
Bob the Mod
Whitley Bay Rally 1982
?, Dougie, Diggins, Bob
Colin Barbers heavily modded up Vespa
Wendy Raeburns Vespa
I wonder if ony o these scoots are still aboot ??
Bods cut doon
Big Doobs's 3 wheeled concoction