Skababs 2009
Thailand 08
Liege 09
A skanking night with the Skababs at Eskmills Bowling Club, 24th January
Lets start the year as we mean to go on !!!! No point in changing the habit of a "Way of Life"
So here's some more photis from the inside o licensed premises
Monique, withoot a drink (eek)
Audrey & Mandy (nae drink either)
Krawf & Christy (anawe)
Christ!!! Whits going oan. Yill hae folk talking aboot us
Look theres a bar ower there !!!!
Two pints for Dean & Mark
Noo were tooting
Krawf has a handy bottle opener up his jacksy
I'm telling yi Stu, i'm no drinking
Whae's he trying ti fecking kid !!!!
Fat gut and cheap pants.......can only be Krawf
The Skababs
Norry on the diet coke, too late for that son