Vivo Open Day 2008

Coyotes 08
Sunday 11th May
Kelso 08
Thanks to everyone who attended the open day
Christ !! hope folk turn up
Carnaby,The Gorehounds an the burger van is here
The Magic Bus is here, but nobody else is
At last some good folk have turned up
Now its getting busy
Holy shit
Kev Mcgill & his big chopper
An ariel view
Edinburgh SC's car boot sale
Pidge's Model D
The Gorehounds tumbolla stall
Burger vans doing a roaring trade
Adam from Vivo's Vespa & sidecar
Skolar doing some repairs
East Lothians scoots
Lee in Adam's sidecar
Nitrogen Sky belting oot their set
Neil & Madge back from the treasure hunt
Nitrogen Sky oan the Magic Bus
Carnaby Records
Another pic o oor scoots
Adam & Neil, Treasure hunt winner
Adam & Dave
Adam & John
3 Nice Lammy's
Hey Mr Dj !! Liam
Superstar Dj !! Shep
A great turn out
An a great day had by all .Cheers
Modded up GP
Some of Vivo's scoots