Peterhead 2008
Kelso 08
Peterhead SC Rally 6/8th June
Whitby 08
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Niffy, Stu, Shep on the piss in the Heed
Niffy, Stu, Shep posing in the Heed
Stu, Ali & Shep wi a kinky nun
Let me innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!
Shep, Ali, Stu
Niffy, i think its shut ??
Hey, whae you looking at
Ali couldnae haud it in any longer
Ross Niffy & Paul
Hey Mr tamborine man Fairlie & Stevie AFNSC
Stevie given it the shakes
Ali's noo keeking herself
Stu & Nify in the Car Scooter Park
A classic bodge job