Hong Kong 2008
Tynesiders 08
Margaret & Sheps trip to Hong Kong (In Sheps own words)
Thailand 08
Lambretta club of Hong Kong
3 weeks holiday in Hong Kong and Thailand, me Margaret& Phil & Shelle Stewart our scooterist friends from Newcastle. First stop was Hong Kong for 5 days. Phil had arranged to meet the guys from Lambretta club of Hong Kong (LCHK) through Sticky from scootering who had been over last year for a visit. After a 12 hour flight it was dump the bags and out on the town. We met up with Calle, a Swedish scooterist working & living in HK and Steve from Lincolnshire who works in mainland China travelling to HK for weekends with other members of the LCHK. They took us out in the Tsim Sha Tsui area of Kowloon to the local bars, one being the Siberian vodka room – 20oC inside!
There weren’t many classic scooters riding around HK although there were hundreds of PX200 vespas being used as delivery vehicles.
The next night we visited the LCHK workshop in the Tokwa Wan area of Kowloon. A few of the guys were there to meet us, Calle, Phil from Colchester who works & lives in Taiwan flying to HK for weekends of scootering & Vincent, Foolook, Oliver etc. they have a great set up where they meet up and fix Lambrettas and just socialise. They leave their Lambrettas unlocked and are never touched, even by the shady punters from the brothel next door. After a few beers from their fridge in the workshop it was of for some real Cantonese food and more beers. This local restaurant really was for the locals, we didn’t know half the stuff we were eating. But hey we’re on holiday. After our meal the guys woke up the neighbourhood with their very noisy Lambrettas as they headed home. We just did some more sight seeing (pubs).


On the Sunday the LCHK had a display at the HK motor cycle show on Hong Kong Island. So we jumped on the ferry and popped in to see them. They had a nice display of Lambrettas, a TV175 series 3, a Golden Special & approx 6 GP200s (with strange kicked forward forks & external spring/damper units). Calle had a cut away Lambretta engine on display which he made (butchered) in the workshop with a mugello top end, which he ensured me was knackered already.

Honk Kong’s other scooter club: Scooter Power SC had a nice display of classic vespas at the show.

The LCHK offered us scooters to go on a ride out with them but unfortunately we were running out of time, we had to go and see a man about a dog (dog n noodles) in Thailand.
Maybe next time, Cheers for your hospitality guys, Shep.
Shep, Margaret, Michelle, Phil at the show
Hong Kong Motorcycle show
Steve & Calle, Lambretta Club of Hong Kong
Shep spinning the soonds at the show
Lambretta Club of Hong Kong's Workshop
Halloween in Hong Kong