Full Metal Scooter 2008
Rothesay (2) 08
The Sheps Annual trip to an Italian Rally, Badia di Moscheta
Stirling 08
Fancied a wee holiday to Italy for me & Margaret, so I kept an eye on the Italian tinternet to see what rallies were coming up, I liked the look of Full Metal Scooter Rally near Florence organised by Road Runner Lambretta Club Imola & the Drink Driving scooter club. So I got in touch with the organisers about hiring or borrowing a scooter but they weren’t very helpful (it’s not my fault that all classic Italian scooters are over here in the UK)

We were based in Florence for the week hiring a 125 vespa automatic for 3days. Driving in Florence was a free for all. Trying to find our way about the city was like whacky races. Margaret on the back as my navigator! Would have been better with Stevie Wonder on the back!
Riding to the rally was excellent though. 40 odd miles through the Tuscan mountains in glorious sunshine towards Imola through the Mugello pass.arriving at the rally at Badia Di Moscheta early Saturday afternoon with approx 100 scooters in attendance, with only 1 automatic (shame on me). But no cars, which was a refreshing change from the rallies in the UK.

We were staying in a traditional Italian farm house approx 5 miles from the rally. We spent Saturday chilling and meeting the locals then in the evening we all sat down to some pasta, wine & beer. There was an all nighter in the grounds of the monastery. We lasted till about 2am as we had to ride to our farm house 5 miles away. Thought my steering was knackered but it must have been the bevy. The ride out on the Sunday was around 15 miles through breathtaking mountain roads to Firenzuola where we rode right through the pedestrianised town centre to a café bar for some local drinks & snacks. We then rode back to the rally site where we all sat down to a meal & a few wines while the trophies were handed out. The furthest travelled going to 2 guys from northern Germany who put their vespas on a train to the south of Germany and drove across the Alps. The same guys invited us to go with them to Pontedera vespa factory/museum about 50 miles away. Which we declined as we had to return the scooter. When the guys got to Pontedera the museum was closed but they opened it up especially for them as they had rode all the way from Germany.

Tino Sacchi was sitting next to us at the presentations but I didn’t get the chance to tell him that I have one of his mugello kits on my SX200. To be honest I was a wee bit embarrassed as I was on a twist & go vespa!
The ride back to Florence was again breathtaking till we hit the city centre and it was like Grand Theft Auto. As for the 125 vespa-4 stroke, I’m not knocking it cos it’s a vespa! I secretly own a rally 200 but it was absolute garbage, no power at all, couldn’t pull a soldier of your mother!
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