East Fortune Show 2008
Cannonball (2) 08
Magnificent Machines Show, Museum of Flight, 27/28th September
Wild Turkeys Do 08
Got an invite to this local event to display our scooters alongside classic cars, vintage bikes, monster trucks, tractors, fire-engines & many aeroplanes including Concorde at this First & Second World War airfield. As there were no scooter rallies on this weekend we took up the invitation. This was our first time at this event as usually we’re at a rally somewhere. We had a good turnout with over 20 club scooters on display, from a 1957 Lambretta Model D, right through to a 2007 Vespa GTS including a Lambretta LI Series 1, LI Series 3, 2 150 specials, SX 200, 2 GP 200’s, Vespa sportique, Rally 200 & a good selection of P range Vespas including Norrie C’s marijuana themed P 210 which attracts a lot of attention, especially from the police.
The organiser didn’t think we’d turn up to this event with no bar as she had already had a good look at our website.
As most of the photos in our gallery are of us inside pubs at rallies and most topics on our forum are about alcohol, not technical scooter details etc. but she couldn’t believe her eyes when we turned up together in a cloud of 2-stroke. The weather even behaved itself….sun all weekend. We kept our scooters in one of the aircraft hangers overnight on the Saturday as most of us were going to the Wild Turkeys Scooter Club do in Fife on the Saturday night.
Sunday at the show was harder work! What with the morning after effect, my mouth was like the bottom o a budgies cage. Over 4000 punters turned up over the weekend showing a lot of interest in our scooters, including Andy Bailey who used to race for Lambretta UK in the 60’s at the Isle of Man etc. when I offered Andy a ride on my Series 1 Lambretta he was right in there like a kid at Christmas. He hadn’t been on a scooter for many years. He came on one of the display come ride outs around the site. Couldn’t get my scooter back of him! Made his day I think! Also joining us on one of the club scooters was Adam from Vivo Scooters. Also gave some of our Vespa driving members rides on our Lambrettas to see what a REAL scooter’s like to ride! We also picked up a trophy for best machine on display voted by the public for Stu Whitsons 1957 Lambretta Model D.
So we’ve managed to get some good photos of our scooters for our tinternet site instead of inside different pubs around the UK & Europe.
A great weekend was had by all and not a bar in sight…….so that’s it, non-alcoholic rallies, it’s the future, I’m telling yi.



Jist aboot ready ti leave
We're on our way
The D squares up to the Reaper
Robbie & Nige take a shortcut under Big Pete
Young Robbie & Big Pete
Big Robbie & Wee Pete
A HashHeed
Oan the HashHeed Special
Andy Baillie
Ex Racer of the Lambretta UK team
© B Wilson
© B Thomson
© B Thomson
© B Thomson
© B Thomson
© M Oliver
© B Thomson
© B Thomson
© B Thomson
© B Thomson
© B Wilson
Rookey jist posing
Big Pete's driver wins "best blaw of the show"
The D still at it wi the Reaper
Those damn pesky kids
Some modified Vespa's i think