Rothesay 2008

Isle of Man 08
Animals Fae Namboombu SC Rally, 11th/13th July, Isle of Bute
Rothesay (2) 08
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Some weird photies wi Rabby Burns
Unsure which yins were the dummies
The Peterheeds gan oaf their heeds
Ross canny believe BJ has swallowed a bottle o poppers
Fa's fir a game o top trumps wi Paul fi the heed
Fa pit him in ma pack ?
Madge again, bloody stalker
Ali, Monique, Margaret & Stu
Sam, Stu, Lynn
Niffy & Monique share some crack
Minxxy in the cream puff
Bob fi Berwicks first run in 22years an nobodys listening
Whae's for a fecht
Minxxy & Anne ootside the royal wi the fat burd fi the Karaoke
Minxxy & Anne doing the slosh
Ali & Ian Johnstone
Ali ootside the pavillion
Paul trying oot his new tool kit
The oldest swingers in toon, Skippy & Bob (Berwick Bulldogs)
Getting ready for the ride oot