Bridlington 2008
Wild Turkeys 08
National Rally 24 / 26th October
Brid (2)
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First 10 pints o the day wi Ramey & Cuz John
Ramey does a Dell Boy in the Greyhound
Shep goes shopping for a nice dress
Niffy fancies the wee purple number
Queuing for the Bingo
Wi Scotty & Lorna & John's new mate,Colin widnae come oot
Scotty drilled through his finger !! 3/16th I think
Lorna, yir meant ti kiss it better, Jeez
Nae mare drink !! Lets take in a film, Check the gut !!!!
Wi Pidge in an emmmm Pub, how unusual
Rickie an mair o the West Coast trouble makers
Calum fi the Coyotes & Father Jack
In the Stirling Castle wi awe kinds o reprobates
Perrina gets her under arm hair sorted by Ramey
Fecking cheating an looking proud o the fact
Stu rips off the club badge in disgust
Dapper wi hair, proper dapper
Still hairied up
Right, back to the norm, photis fi inside pubs
How fecking unusual !!!!!!!!!!!!
Skolar, what yi doing wi talc up yir nose ???????
Cheap gas at Middlesbrough