Carmignano 2006
Liege (2) 06
Carmignano Di Brenta - Italy, July 15/16th
Scarborough 07
Margaret & Sheps trip to Carmignano (In Sheps own words)
Booked the holidays, a week in Venice, me and the missus. Looked up Scootering (rally dates) just in case and yeeha..... a rally forty miles from Venice near Pavoda. So i was right on the computer and got in touch with the rally organisers to let them know i was coming to their rally and would it be possible for them to organise the hire of a scooter. Every time we go on holiday I hire a scooter and have ended up with some crap. From Peugeot Squabs to Typhoons etc, so when Marion from their club told me I could borrow a Primavera for the price of a few beers. I wasn't complaining !!

Me and Margaret arrived at Carmignano early Saturday afternoon to meet Ciacia, our interpreter for the weekend and the only person who could speak English (they might have learned some English for us coming across!) Ciacia informed us that the Primavera had been involved in an accident so will this do,???? Just a 1969 GP150 in its original paint with a Mugello kit fitted, which belonged to Mairon, No1 of the local club, "3 Lambda Scooter Confraternity". Excellant, cause I'm a Lambretta man !!


Saturday afternoon was spent touring the local country side on the GP along with Ciacia on his LI 150, series 3 and a couple of other locals . The evening "Do" was held in the grounds of the local youth club with local Dj's spinning the tunes in the open air whilst eating Italian food cooked by the guys parents; wine included of course (as much as you could drink) and a few glasses of Spritz (local drink). I had one or two drinks but not to many as we were told we were driving to another venue on the scooters later that evening to another "Do", with a band.

Well I was watching what I was drinking but the locals kept feeding me drink (you know what it's like). Around 8;30 I said to Margaret "I think we've got it wrong, lost in translation, we must be staying here". So I got wired into the wine, Spritz etc...........then about 11;30. someone shouts. "Lets Go" and everyone jumps on their scooters to go to the other venue I spoke of. Fifty to Sixty scooters causing mayhem !. I wasn't being left behind so I had to jump on the GP under the influence. (It's not clever kids ; Don't try this at home)

At the next venue there was an outdoor swimming pool, bars,Dj's and some silly game involving Tequila as well as an Italian Punk/New Wave band playing. Strange how Coleridge, who couldn't speak a word of English, could sing Sham 69 numbers in Cockney !!. The local Dj's provided the sounds till five am. I left the GP (too drunk) and hit the sack about 3;30... but my hipflask of whisky didn't last quite as long


Sunday noon was the meeting time for the ride-out but because I had left the GP back at the "do" the night before, I was given Ciacia's LI 150 Series 3 to ride. Eighty to a hundred scooters headed up the Brenta Valley to the Grappa Mountains. We stopped for a small drink of Grappa (another local beveridge) then we all stopped for a five-course meal at a smart restaurant. More wine then champagne for the cups/trophies that were being given out and some Brandy for the road. Margaret and I received a trophy. I think it was for the furthest travelled but still couldn't understand Italian.......maybe it was for the ugliest couple.......I still don't know.

Afer the formalities, most people headed home including us, after presenting Mairon with a bottle of Malt Whisky and a Lambretta Club of Scotland T-Shirt.

We've invited the Italian guys over to Scotland for a rally sometime in the future.

Does anyone speak Italian ????????????

Me with Ciacia our interpreter & his LI 150
Mairon's original GP150 which he kindly loaned to us
Members of the Padova Scooter Club
Margaret with Ciacia's LI 150
Mairon preparing his GP150
Mairon and his minted Series 1
Me with a couple of the local Scooterists
Doing what Scotsmen do best
Margaret on Ciacia's scooter which we used on the ride-out
Rally De Brenta
The drink was free, it would be bad manners to refuse !!
Margaret enjoying the sunshine. Carmignano De Brenta
Riding at night under the influence, enroute to the other Do